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Staying Golden: the legacy of Sierra Leone’s “Golden Kids” radio show

With a youthful energy and stylish flair, 27-year-old Pascal Masuba speaks passionately. His outfit is carefully coordinated: modern circular glasses, flashy pants covered with images of tigers that he designed himself, a matching scarf. He claims that he was a shy child, an absurd idea to anyone who encounters him. He has unique charisma: when he talks, you’re drawn to listen. I met him at his presentation called “Impact Beyond Measure” — a powerful testament to how his time as one of Sierra Leone’s Golden Kids sculpted the…

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Young Reporters Become Radio Personalities in the Central African Republic

Over our 35 years of history, we have created countless radio and TV programs all over the world in partnership with local media professionals. Some of them are acclaimed journalists working for famous news outlets. Some are on-the-ground reporters, armed only with a tape recorder and the determination to tell an important story. Some are women who fought back against gender discrimination and found a powerful voice. And some of them… are in middle school. Garcia, Ismail, Ketsia, and Christopher were all born in the 21st…

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Holding Their Own

This article was originally published by My Republica on December 11, 2017. “People in our society have this notion that being a girl means being weak. We want to prove them wrong.” Renuka Chaudhary, 19, was walking to her house one evening when she was cornered by a group of hooligans. “They touched me inappropriately, and hurled obscenities at me,” she shivers as she recalls those moments. “I started crying. They looked at me amusingly and left. Never have I felt so worthless in my life,”…

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